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Fast Digital output trigger

Hey guys,


I have a very simple question. How fast can Labview generate a digital output to trigger an external device? I would like to compare a sinusoid of frequency 1KHz to a constant and generate a digital output whenever a peak is detected. Is 1 ms too much for labview?

whats is the fastest i can go ?


Thanks in adavnce

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To answer this question we will need to know what OS and what hardware are you using. If you are running LabVIEW on Windows and you have a USB DAQ card, 1ms will be most probably not possible to achieve. And it is not because of limitations of LabVIEW, but the specifics of USB (relatively high latency) and Windows (max. theoretical loop rate on this OS is 1kHz).


Using an FPGA enable device or RT PXI 1ms wouldn't be a problem.

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