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FPGA Desktop Execution Node - order of terminals does not follow the tabbing order

Hello all,


I am dealing with continuously growing FPGA VI with dozens of controls and indicators (most of them for debugging purposes).


To avoid manual reordering of terminals in the following nodes:

  • Read/Write Control nodes used in host VI (and its SubVIs)
  • FPGA Desktop Execution Node (DEN) used in testbenches

each time I add or remove a control or an indicator in the FPGA VI, I use Edit->Set Tabbing Order... menu function in the FPGA VI front panel to set an intuitive order of these items. The result is as follows:


  • If I put a new Read/Write Control node in the host VI, the default order of terminals reflects the updated tabbing order of the FPGA VI
  • Unfortunately, it is not the case with FPGA DEN. The original order in which the controls/indicators were put on the FPGA VI's front panel is preserved when placing the FPGA DEN in any VI under My Computer.

Taking the above into account, I conclude that the FPGA DEN uses other mechanism to determine the order of its terminals, and that the original order in which controls were put on the FPGA VI is saved somewhere even after using Set Tabbing Order... option.

Does anybody know how to force it to follow the behavior similar to Read/Write Control node? Any hints will be appreciated.






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