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Extract positive and negative from a waveform

I am going to acqure a -10 - 10v signal, its from a strain gauge. I then need to integrate the positive section and the negative section of the waveform. This way I can get the amount of work forward and the amount of work in reverse. Can anybody help and geting the positive and negative signals separated on a waveform.

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Just an idea,

If we can think that your readings are composing an array that has two columns, the first for data acquired form guage and the second is the time of acquistion, like this:

-05 volts >> 09.00.00 (say)
-04 volts >> 09.00.01
+10 volts >> 09.00.02
+11 volts >> 09.00.03
--------- >> --------
--------- >> --------
--------- >> --------
--------- >> --------

Ans so on, If it like this way, It's very easy to use "Araay functions" to make what you want.
Bur let's first make sure that I described it correct.

Message Edited by Ayman_Metwally on 03-07-2005 03:23 PM

Ayman Mohammad Metwally
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For example: Feed the y component to two "In range and coerce" nodes (in the comparison palette), one for range 0..10 and one for range -10..0, then integrate each.
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