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Executable won't run

I have a main application calling a sub VI 'Sub Al getest2.VI" into a sub panel. When I include a 'display message to user' from the functions palette in de sub VI, the whole program runs fine in developer mode. After building an application, the sub VI opens in the main applications sub panel, but it won't run. The same if I add another custom VI to the "Sub Al getest2 VI" it also won't run after building the full application.

The fun part is: If I create a new project with the sub Al getest2.VI as the main program (and including embedded sub VI's) I can build an executable and it will run fine on it's own.

In the main application build I include all project files as 'Always included'.

Do you have a suggestion what could be wrong?

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Putting a VI in a subpanel is not the same thing as calling it. If you want the VI that you're going to put in the subpanel to start running after you open the reference to it, you have to tell it to run by using something like the Run VI method an asynchronous call node.



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May be path is not correct. Put one indicator and verify

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