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Excel ActiveX invoke nodes are broken

I am using LabVIEW 2007.  We are using a VI that runs on most of the PC's in our facility however on some the "invoke node" related to Excel functions don't operate. They are broken and the VIs won't run.  We get errors that the "Invoke Node: contains unwired ro bad terminals".  When going to select methods or properties not all of the properties are shown as seen on the functional PCs. Some of the properties are missing from the selection menus, thus making it incompatible.


Has anyone seen this problem and a solution?




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Are you sure that Excel is installed on the machines that do not work?

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It appears that the problem may be where Microsoft Office 2010 is installed is the problem.  I have Office 2010 and it does not work. It seems that my previous statement about other machines not working was an unrelated problem. My machine is the only machine with Office 2010 and the only machine that has displayed this particular problem. (also the version is LabVIEW 7.1 not "2007")

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This is a common problem with Office. Microsoft sometimes changes the properties and methods with each version of Office. Do a search and you will see that this has this issue has been discussed many times before, and is particularly annoying when trying to support multiple versions of Office. The only good solution is to have code to handle the various versions of Office and call the specific ones based on whatever version is installed on the computer.

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What about separating the compiled code from the source?  I recognize that this will only work in LV2010, but I expect that that will prevent the compiler from breaking activeX code that depends on a different version than the local one...


Testing this idea is on my to-do-list, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it already.

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