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Example of transparent splitter bars.

I can't attach files in my comments on labview ideas exchange (NI please fix that), so instead I'm making this post to link to from idea exchange.  This shows how to do a transparent splitter bar in a subpanel.

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Post a link here to your Idea Exchange post. 

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That's funny. If the subpanel is not set to be transparent, the splitter takes the main VI's background color, not the VI in the subpanel's background color.


That might be what is required, but technically, you still don't get a splitter that shows the VI's background color because it's transparent. I'd expect a transparent splitter to show through the color of it's pane, not the color of the pane of it's parent.

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@aputman wrote:

Post a link here to your Idea Exchange post. 

Good point. Here it is.

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I have to mark something as the solution so I'm making this comment 🙂

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You don't have to mark any message as a solution.  You get an e-mail to remind you to check back and mark something in case you forget.  But if there is no actual solution, you should not mark a random message as the solution.

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I think the first post gives the answer, since it's an example that shows something. You'r not really asking anything. I'd prefer you mark the OP as solution, not a random comment.

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