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Evaluation Version For Student

Hello everyone,
I need LabView for a class. Can I use the evaluation version for the whole semester? And not buy a version thereafter? I need your support.

Thank youu

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Disclaimer: I'm not from NI, and I'm not a lawyer either. If NI doesn't reply, you should probably contact them directly. Or your lawyer 😁.


The evaluation version will expire after 3 weeks, IIRC. Tricks around it won't be legal. You can ask for an extension, but I don't think your reasons qualify.


The community edition won't expire. But classes are not individual usage, so it won't be legal.


There's a home edition, that is cheap. But to be honest, all the good stuff is not in there...


As the school\university  teaches LV, I expect them to have a academic license. That one should be just right for you. Not sure if it's free, but it will be cheap(er).



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