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Error when install NI-DAQ 7.4

When I install NI-DAQ 7.4 I got this message : ''Developer Erorr :The following errors where found in your ini file :
1. Specified file not found: [MsiEngine] Win9xPath = suppfiles\instmsia.exe
2. Specified file not found: [MsiEngine] WinNTPath = suppfiles\instmsiw.exe
Exception code: E06D7363 ()
Fault address:  77E738B2 0001:000128B2 C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll ''
Can anyone help me to install this software???....... please.
Note: I had Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) Version 6.9.2 but I uninstall it because it does not support the NI DAQ Assistant.
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Hello rammo,

Are you trying to install this from a cd or did you download the file from our website?

If it is from a cd, I would recommend copy the contents of your cd to your hard drive and then installing it from there.
If it is from our website, I would try to download it again, or try the installation on a nother computer.  It is possible that the file somehow became corrupted when you were trying to download it.

Just out of curiosity, are you installing NI-DAQ 7.4 Traditional?  If you want the newest version of NI-DAQmx, it is version 7.5!
DE For Life!
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Thank you E.Lee anyway.......

It was stupid mistake from me in extracting the file from zip file!!!

However, thank you for helping.

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