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Error code text file or Error ring, pros and cons of each

I'm looking for some community input on the pros and cons of using either the Error Code Text file, or the Error Ring for creating custom errors in an application.  My question comes about as a result of this post.


I've used the Error Rings exclusively in the past to avoid the extra maintenance steps of bringing the text file along with the LV project and source control.  I assumed the error information was simply converted to ring constant.  But with my linked post above, I'm wondering how deep my mistakes may cut me.


Please weight in on this with pros/cons, , and any past experiences that may be helpful.

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Actually Hooovahh and Jeff are right. As you can see in that way you can prioritize the error that you need to read or in other case ignore. In the same time you can create the error that you want.

In this link in the last interaction they upload some pictures where you can see the way for make.

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