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Error -200587



I'm trying to set up a control panel for actuating a bunch of pneumatic valves. I had the program set up and working, but after plugging it into a new computer, it no longer works. I had to update the tasks in NI max, but now I'm getting error -200587. I'm very new to labview.



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You have a bunch of tasks with names like "A_6" and "b_1" used in the VI.  Did you create tasks with the same names in MAX on the new PC?

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Sorry for the late reply, yes, i deleted the old tasks and created new tasks on the new PC.


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Do you still have MAX opening and trying to do something with these channels when you run your LabVIEW VI?

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I'm not in the lab right now, but I had MAX open when i created the tasks, and it was (hopefully) idle when I tried running the program. I'm not sure if it helps, but the tasks weren't getting the error, the error was on the sub-vi which was outputting the voltage. (i didn't make the subvi, it came from daq assistant) 

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I don't see any subVI's in the VI you attached.  (Unless you count the DAQmx Write.)


I don't understand the purpose of the True/False case structures since the code is identical between the two cases.


Try wiring up the error wires between all the DAQmx Writes.

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Yep, I was talking about the DAQmx write. Sorry, I'm very new to programming, and this is for a pretty simple project. 


The true/false case structure is a relic of something I was trying out earlier, but didn't work out. It didn't seem to affect the code, so I didn't remove it. 


I'll try wiring up the error wires and deleting the case structures, I'll do that tomorrow when I get into the office and post an update to see if it worked. 


Thanks a bunch for the help! 

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