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Error -200279

Hi all


I'm measuring with a compactDAQ system with three modules of the type 9229. For weeks it worked with no problems. But now it starts to produce the error code -200279 and seems to loose data.


Can anybody help me to repair this problem?

I'm not really sure, what the problem is. Is it a problem with the compactDAQ or could the problem be located at the PC?



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Hi manuelwaser,


This error is normally relating to problems within continous data acquisition. It occurs because it has run out of buffer size when recording data.

To solve this:-

  • Increase buffer size
  • Read the data more frequently
  • Specify a fixed number of samples to read (On the DAQmx Read VI)

Only try to ensure that the acquisition loop executes immediately following the DAQmx Start Task VI may also prevent the buffer from being overwritten.


Hope this helps,

John McLaughlin
Academic Account Manager
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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This is what I thought. It seems to be a problem with writing the data to the harddrive, if the computer slightly vibrates. It tries to write but can not succeed. When it's finally done, the samples to read from the compactDAQ are not in the buffer anymore.


At the moment it seems to run properly, after repositioning the laptop.


Generally is there some sort of list to decode the error messages?

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Just go to the 'Help' toolbar at the top of any LabVIEW window, then to 'Explain errors..'

Type the error number including the hypen prefix and you will get an explaination! 



John McLaughlin
Academic Account Manager
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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It sounds like your Daq Read and your Write to File are in the same loop. If you split these up with a producer/consumer architecture, you leave more room for problems like the hard drive vibrating. The producer will pull data from the Daq Read and put it into a queue until the Write loop recovers and can begin pulling data out of the queue again. Obviously the write to file has to then exceed the speed of the Daq Read momentarily to empty out the queue, but if it is an intermittent problem, this should help.


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