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Error 16 in Application Builder

I get the following error when I try to build an application in Labview 2016 using the Application Builder addon:


"Error 16 occurred at CodeSignAPI.lvlib:Get Signing Error"


I know the code signing cert is valid because I've been using it for two years and have just renewed it for the third year.  The only difference I can think of is that this year it came as a ".p12" file instead of ".pfx".  However, I think those file extensions are for the same format.  I have installed the cert in the usual place, and LabView sees it no problem.  It just doesn't think that it's valid or something (as usual, there is no explanation as to what exactly the error means, and searching either NI's site or the Internet has turned up no usable results).  Unchecking the "Apply Digital Signature" box makes it build without error, but I need this to be signed.

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I think maybe the error is where LabView looks for certificates.  I have uninstalled my code signing certificate using mmc (Windows 10), but LabView still lists it as an option in the pulldown menu.  I can't find any information on where LabView looks for certs or how to point it in the right direction.  Does anybody know?

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Hi SmithGO,


I found a forum with a similar issue. The recommendation was to check the "Timestamp URL" in Application Properties »  Windows Security.






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I read that one too, but it didn't help.  I've been successfully building signed apps for about two years now, it's only when I moved to a new computer and installed a new certificate that it stopped working.  The timestamp URL is still valid, although I tried a few alternatives just to see if it made a difference.

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Additionally, there are two gibberish-looking certificates in the pulldown menu for "Personal store certificates" that are not actually in my Personal Certificates folder via MMC.  The names look like:

62875F00-64B2-a bunch more random alphanumeric characters



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Hi SmithGo


I also found a Knowlege Base Article that could help you. 



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