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Error 10 when building an application in LV8 and Report generation toolkit 1.1.1

I am trying to build an application using LV8.0.1 and Report generation toolkit 1.1.1 and i get this error.
Error 10 occurred at ABAPI Dist Copy Non-VI -> ABAPI Dist Build LLB -> ABAPI Copy Files and Apply -> -> ->
Any ideas?
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Did you attempt to add the _wordsub.llb and _excelsub.llb files to the application as support files?  I believe in LabVIEW 8.0 instead of adding the entire LLBs you should just add the _Word Dynamic and _Excel Dynamic as dynamic VIs.  I think I've seen a similar post on the discussion forums in the past that recommended this.

If this suggestion doesn't help, please reply, and attach a simple VI and .lvproj file demonstrating the problem so I can investigate further.

Good luck,

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It worked. Thank you.

My mistake was to follow what the Report Generation Toolkit User Guide tells me to do: add the LLBs instead of the top level VIs.


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Yes, we currently have a task to fix that in the user guide for the next version of the Report Generation Toolkit.  I'm glad you got things straightened out.


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