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Does anyone have a driver for PLX PCI chip that interfaces with LabVIEW?

I am consitering building some boards that use a PLX chip to sit on a PCI bus. There are a number of different PLX chips that I can use. I am interested in knowing if the code exists already to talk to a PLX chip through LabVIEW.
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I just did a quick websearch (I searched for PLX LabVIEW at and found the following webpage:

They offer a LabVIEW driver that interfaces with their DLL that communicates with PLX chips.

I hope this helps you out with your application. Good luck, and have a pleasant day.

Darren Nattinger
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi there.

May I know where you get those chips?

I'm also interested and working with some of it.


May I know where do you reside?


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