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Does NI have HW avail that can receive data wirelessly & import it into LabView?

Does NI have hardware available which will allow one to receive data transmitted wirelessly (ie. WiFi, Bluetooth) and then import it into LabView for analysis? If not, can LabView extract/retrieve the data from another third party wireless receiver? Thanks!
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Regular WIFI is just plain TCP/IP and you communicate using exactly the same way as you would via ethernet cable. The OS will take care of the details. 🙂

Newer versions of LabVIEW also contain Bluetooth VIs to communicate via Bluetooth directly. Look in the "communications" palette.
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NI probably has hardware for receiving and importing data into Labview wirelessly. I am currently working on a project that requires this from both WiFi and Bluetooth in Labview 7.1 using third party hardware.

The WiFi will act as a wired connection - so that should be no problem. There are examples in Labview you can use to get you started there.

The problem with Bluetooth is your hardware needs to be compatible with Window's Native Drivers. Almost all are compatible, but are not programmed in the native drivers to be compatible. There is a way around it, I posted the solution here:

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