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Dimmed buttons in the array

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I encountered a strange behavior on some buttons(control) in an array and I just can't figure out how to resolve this. If you look at the picture I attached below, you can see some buttons are dimmed in the array. It looks like this whenever I open up the VI and no matter how I initialized the button while they are not dimmed, they always go back to dimmed if I reopen it. It doesn't affect the functionality, but it is super annoying and it looks very unprofessional. Thanks for your advice in advanced.




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The number of elements in the array is tied to its "default value". If you want to set a new default value, you can select the control, then click edit >> make selected values default.

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Those buttons are dimmed because those array elements are empty.

  1. Put the desired default value into the array.
  2. Right-click on the array (make sure it's on the array, not on one of the elements).
  3. Select: Data Operations -> Make Current Value Default.
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Thanks Greg for your suggestion. I did that for like 10 times, but it didn't work. 🙂

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Hi Paul, your key phrase saved the day. "make sure it's on the array, not on one of the elements" Thank you!

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