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Daq configuration in exe file



Is it possible to have a configuration pop-up or a conf window to chose a Daq assistant channel input type( change from voltage to Current for exemple) in a executable file?

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As far as I know, this is not possible.  DAQ Assistant is meant to be used when programming the application, not during execution. 


To achieve your objective, you would have to do one of two things:

 1 - Configure the channel directly in your application using "DAQmx Create Virtual" and have different cases for different instances (AI Voltage, AI Current, AI Temp TC, etc.) while letting the user select the instance through the GUI

 2 - On the machine where the application is running, have the operator change the Task or Global Virtual Channel in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) and use those in your application


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try to configure a subVI to pop open its front panel when called and close afterwards, which causes the subVI to act like a pop-up window.

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have a look to

Programmatic DAQmx Device Selection


(this is just for demonstration purposes as you can easily replace with your custom acquisition code)

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