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DSL Speed requirements for Labview

I would like to access my remtoe test stations using the front panels options. what is the required speed for best results?
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I don’t know that there’s a “speed requirement” per-se, but the faster the better.  When you connect to the remote front panel, some portion of code is downloaded to your client computer, then the data updates are sent through a protocol based on TCP/IP.  Your title mentions DSL which (at least on my home computer) has pretty good download rates, but much (MUCH) slower upload rates.  If you are serving panels from a DSL machine you might have more problems than if your client machine was a DSL machine.  In either case, I imagine any broadband connection would be just fine.  I do recommend checking with your DSL provider to make sure that serving pages is within the scope of your TOS.

Travis M
National Instruments
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Thank you! I guess we will go with the highest rate the can provide!



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