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DSC read tag (multiple, double).vi - Error 1115

LabVIEW 2014 SP1

DSC Module


I open a Tag Reader - when I try to read a set of DBL tags using the Read Tag (Multiple, Double).vi I am running into Error 1115 which says one of th variables in the list is WRITE ONLY - I know this to NOT be true.


I take the same Tag Reader Reference, put it into Read Tag (Single, Double).vi which is then in a FOR loop driven by the same list of Tags and I get no error on the reads.


What might be causing this issue in the background?


The Read Tag (Multiple, Double) just doing the same thing on it's block diagram as me wiring the list into a For Loop and using the Single,Double read version - so I am at a loss as to why this would be happening....






Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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Hey Ryan,


Would you mind attaching some screenshots of your code and the error that you see? It might also be helpful if you can send me both versions of your code. (The one with the multiple and the one with the for-looped single read.


Ty Prather
Technical Marketing Specialist
National Instruments
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Turned out to be an error with using a central Tag Reader - i.e. open in one location and try to use Reference in mutiple subVIs while one central VI keeps the reference active.


Once I created a new tag reader instance in each subVI it worked fine on stop and restart.


The DSC Open Tag Reader gave no indication of the under the hood implementation to let me know whether to create a separate Tag Reader for each VI or not...

Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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