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DOORS Requirements for LabVIEW

I'm a long time LabVIEW user, but I've never used DOORS before.  I've got a new project that is considering DOORS for requirements management.  I'm hoping to find someone who has done requirements tracking with LabVIEW and DOORS.  


I understand that there is a "Requirements Gateway" tool, but the last version of that was in 2018 and doesn't appear to be supported.  NI has indicated that there is not a plan for future versions as of now.  I'd rather not start a new project onto an old tool that isn't supported or going to be updated.


Does anyone have suggestions for requirements management integration between DOORS and LabVIEW?  Thanks for any ideas you might have.

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Not really, but just a suggestion for requirements, in general.  You can place bookmark comments in your code to refer to each requirements paragraph.  That way, you can open the bookmark manager and go directly to the code that contains the bookmark.  I believe there is a way to export the bookmarks to a file, but I can't remember how.

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