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DAQmx offset problem in LabVIEW

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I am using a PXI-6289 and I am trying to do some data acquisition.


When I measure a signal in the Measurement and Automation explorer, I am able to get a correct signal.  However, when I use the DAQmx VI's in LabVIEW, I always get an offset of about -5V.


Does anybody know how to correct this?

I have checked my signal measured from MAX against two oscilloscopes, so I am pretty sure that it is the correct one.  I only read the offset in LabVIEW.


Another problem is that in LabVIEW, the signal seems to be attenuated at strengths higher than about 1V.  I have checked with other devices and I am not getting attenuation until later.



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Accepted by topic author dluu

Since MAX and LabVIEW use the same DAQmx driver, if you get a different reading then you are configuring the task differently in LabVIEW. Perhaps you need to explicitly set RSE or DIFF or something similar. You have not posted any code or any details of the MAX setup.

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Thank you Sir Knight of NI, arise!!  The selection control for the RSE option was missing!! Cheers.


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