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DAQmx Load Error Code 3 - Labview 8.6

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I am trying to build an executable using the Application Builder in Labview 8.6

I get the following error when I try to run the executable on a different computer without installing the LABVIEW Run-Time Engine.

"An error occured loading VI 'DAQmx Create Timing Source (sub).vi'. LabVIEW Load error code 3 : Could not load front panel."

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Query2 wrote:

... without installing the LABVIEW Run-Time Engine.

Install the runtime engine. Also include in your installer DAQmx, MAX, and your hardware configuration.

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I am trying to run the executable on a client machine. I figured out that a LABVIEW executable can be run on a client macine without actually installing the Run-Time Engine (just by copying the contents of the Run-Time folder on to the client machine).

I could run the executable without the vi >> DAQmx Create Timing Source (sub).vi using the above explained solution. But I got the "Load Error code 3" when I included the  DAQmx Create Timing Source (sub).vi into my code.


Please read the following link >>, but now I need a solution for Labview 8.6


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The link is bad and in any case, I think simply using the installer is pretty idiot proof and don't see any reason not to use it. Since you need to install DAQmx as well, why don't you just try the recomended procedure and see if your problem goes away.
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I am sorry about the bad link in my previous post.....

this is the link >>>

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Well, that's probably unrelated to trying to run a program without installing the runtime. The options to add/remove a front panel from an exe in 8.6 have not changed. How are you calling the subVI and how did you select it to show it's front panel in the development environment?
Message Edited by Dennis Knutson on 03-02-2009 09:00 AM
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Open the subVI and select File » VI Properties.... Under the Windows Appearance category, select Custom, then click the Customize... button. Enable the Show front panel when called option. Save the VI, then rebuild the application with these new settings. The front panel of the subVI will now open when called from the executable.


I created a new executable after making the above changes and now I am getting the following error:

"VI has an error of type 100A208. The full development version of LabVIEW is requried to fix the errors"

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I can't find a reference to that error code. Do you get it on the development pc as well? Have you installed DAQmx?
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I can't find a reference to that error code. Do you get it on the development pc as well? Have you installed DAQmx?


I don't get that error on the development pc. I have installed DAQmx and MAX on the client machine.

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Hi there,


What directory did you install the Run-time Engine to the non Development PC or what directory did you put the files in? Also did you put all of the Run-Time engine files under that directory or just the lvrt.dll?

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