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DAQmx Digital Signals

Hi all,


Need some help with building my LabView Vi. To help you understand what is happening, I am using a DAQ-9472 to send out an output digital signal to a sensor. When the sensor is tripped it will send out a Digital signal to a DAQ-9421 which will cause the DAQ-9472 to send out another digital signal but this time to a solenoid valve. The issue I am having is finding out how to make the second seperate signal from the 9472 to the solenoid valve in response to receiving a signal trigger form the 9421 DAQ. I have attached a sample of what I have so far. Please help out with any examples, ideas, or things too look at. Please also offer suggestions to help complete this goal.


Thanks for all the help in advance,

Shervin Aslani

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Thanks again for all the help.

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Hi Shervin,


When you say "send out" output signals, are you wanting to generate digital pulses, or just drive lines high?  Will this cycle repeat, or does it just run once?

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You want a DO line to trigger another DO line so that a third DO signal may trigger?  is that what you want????????????


I know were are missing some details here.  Please elaborate.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Hey friends,


Kbreezy: I am just sedning out one pulse, receiving that pulse then sending out the second pulse to a different location. I am using the NI-9472 output DAQ to activate a photoelectric sensor, then receive back the signal and then activate the solenoid valve. So i guess I would be driving the line high?


Jeff: Essentially what's happening is the NI-9472 sends out 24VDC to a photoelectric sensor when isntructed to do so. When the sensor is tripped it will send back this voltage to the NI-9421 input DAQ. This should cause the NI-9472 to send out another 24VDC but this time to a solenoid valve. It is this second output from the 9472 that I cam having trouble with. 


Also if you have any suggestions or corrections to the VI that I posted before please let me know how to improve it.


Shervin Aslani

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