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DAQPad 6015

a simple question, how fast can a labview program toggle the digital IO lines on the DAQPad ?
I can only achieve around 50 Hz, I need 500, is this possible, unfortunately I cant use the counter outputs as I need four lines to control a stepper motor
please help me
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hi there
try the "Write Dig" and "Write Dig" from the examples finder and adjust the "Wait for ms multiple" value . unfortunately it seems that you can't output a pulse pattern with the DAQPad 6015. or post your code.
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If you can't use the counter/timers like suggested in another post:
Then build a 500Hz frequency source with hardware (use a 555 timer chip or 74121 logic). Use 1 of your digital outputs connected to an AND gate (7408) and connect the other input of the AND to the 500Hz source.
Digital output on= 500Hz to to stepper drive, digital output off= 0Hz to stepper drive.
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