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DAQ analog output

Hej everyone,


i want to increase the analog output voltage by a certain frequency and a certain step size using a DAQ via clicking and holding a button. Until now i can control the output voltage, but I don't exactly know how to approach further. 


Any help is welcome.



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Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • You want to output a changing voltage at a fixed frequency.  What LabVIEW structure is useful in changing values?  What is the usual way to represent such changing values in a Block Diagram?
  • While 1.png 
  • How would you control how fast a While loop executes?
  • How could you control whether or not a While loop changes anything inside it?
  • You have two loops and one Push Button.  Do the two loops change at the same rate (but possibly not by the same amount)?  Do you need two loops?
  • Try working out the simpler problem of a single loop first ...

Bob Schor

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