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Custom icon in Windows Add/Remove Programs list

Hi all,


I am developing a software with Labview 2011/2012.

When I am creating an installer for my application I am configuring icon section and I can see my icon in windows All programs section.


And I want to see this icon also in windows Control Panel/Programs and Features section. In the list of installed applications my application is without an icon I have specified.


Anybody faced with this issue? Have any idea how to figure out this?


I have also found some thread about this, but I am wondering if some new experience available since this post.


Thanks in advance

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The only way I can come up with is like the one suggested in the previous forum post you linked to. Did you look into creating a post install batch script?

Daniel Parrott
Software Product Marketing - Data Management & LabVIEW
National Instruments
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Actually it the solution provided in link is more like hack than solution,


Also in my case in registry


instead of name of my appp in [YourParogram] there is a hex number in {} brackets, and I can't understand how it is associated with my app name.

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Yeah, I can't seem to come up with any other way.


But for the product ID try these steps.


To determine the value of ProductID:

  1. Open the setup.ini file that was created with the installer.
  2. Near the bottom, in the install.msi section, there is a key called ProductId.
  3. The value of ProductId should be substituted in the registry key chain listed above.
Daniel Parrott
Software Product Marketing - Data Management & LabVIEW
National Instruments
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Hi Da_Parrot,


Thanks for the suggestion.


Setup.ini will be generated after building the installer and every time if you build the installer the product ID will get change. So can you please suggest some way to fix the issue?


I tried to create the same key mentioned in link  but it didn't worked as I didn't create the Key with Product ID.


I checked the link , Method explained in the forum worked fantastically in offline mode. I am able to change the icon in Add/Remove program.


Can any one help on the same issue?



Waiting for your positive reply.

Thanks in advance.




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Any news / updates on that issue?


I've got the same problem.


I want to add the icon automatically to "add/remove program" list when a users installs our software.


The shown workarounds are not practicable for simple installer distribution.

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