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Creating .VI file programmatically, still owned by .LVLIB?

I have created a subVI that creates a new file by copying a template .vit file to a .vi file in a specified folder. I am including this subVI as part of a library, referenced by a .lvlib I have imported in to my project. The original .vit is not referenced by the .lvlib. It appears that the new file is somehow referenced by the .lvlib, and when I attempt to dynamically call the new vi, I get the following error: "You attempted to open a VI Server reference to an out-of-scope VI."... The error is 1390 and occurs on the "Open VI Reference" VI.  When I locate the new vi, it has a name like the following:


The LabVIEW help docs suggest using the Disconnect from Library method, which would be appropriate if I could snag a reference to that VI.


Is there a way around this?

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I'd be interisted in a work-around myself.


If you don't have the password for the owning library, you are out of options.




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The library is not password protected.  I have 'solved' the problem by moving the VI that copies the file out of the lvlib, proving that creating a file from a VI that is part of a lvlib is the issue.  So, to boil down the problem:  how to create a file using a VI that is connected to a lvlib, without the new file also being connected to the lvlib?
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