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Creating .DLL files for use in VB.NET from LabView Addon Package

I am looking for a method on how to create .DLL files for referencing in VB.NET. I am working with LabView 7.0 app builder. I need to reference the Sound and Vibration functions in a Measurement Studios environment with VB.NET. Please let me know if there is a clear cut or round about way of achieving this. Thanks.
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Hi Tom4111,

To create a DLL of a VI or set of VIs from LabVIEW (to be used by other environments), you will need to use the Application Builder by going to Tools->Build Application or Shared Library. If you do not have this option (only comes with LV Professional & DevSuite), the Application Builder is available for purchase separately.

Also, read this post if you're interested in making a llb into a DLL:

Note: LabVIEW can use already created .NET assemblies. However, currently LabVIEW cannot generate .NET assemblies to be used in .NET. The Application Builder will only generate standard DLLs (VB6 style DLLs).

Hope this helps!

Travis H.
National Instruments
Travis H.
National Instruments
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As Travis said, LV can currently only generate standard Win32-like DLLs. However, you can access those through VB.NET by using the .NET P/Invoke feature. For examples on accessing such functions, check out

Also, if you aren't sure how to do this, and mistakes can cause your application to have serious problems, feel free to post the DLL functions that you have exported for your VI's and I'll see if I can't craft up the P/Invoke signatures for you.

National Instruments
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