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Created lvlib is deleted and controls not working anymore

I created by misstake a *.lvlib during a compilation of a project. After that i deleted the *.lvlib file without removing it from the project. Now whenever i want to use the VIs that was in the *.lvlib it searches for the *.lvlib file without finding the controls. I removed the lvlib file from the project also, but without a progress. Now even if i open a new blank VI and want to insert a control it searches for the *.lvlib file that doesn't exist. Also if i try to open the control VI that's inside the original LLB the Labview tries to find the *.lvlib.

How do i redirect the source of the controls to the LLB file where the controls exists for real?
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I found a little time taking solution which is quite easy to do. The LLB file existed of all the files that were wrongly addressed. So i needed to open each VI inside the LLB file and choose File->Disconnect from Library. Problems were caused by the polymorphic VIs that didn't have that option in the File menu. So i had to create new polymorphic VIs that were exactly like the original files and I also needed to copy the icon to make it look like the real deal.

I read an earlier post that had a similar problem like mine and there a representative from NI adviced to reinstall the whole Labview, which i think is a shitty solution. Why can't they make a program where you could redefine the path to the libraries or LLB. In a larger project than mine this could really be a problem. I just had about 30 VIs that had to be opened and disconnected and saved. This just took about 1½ hour, but i feel bad of the users that have a huge amount of VIs where this same kind of problem or "bug" happends. I know it's not a bug in it's original meaning, but bad design can be concidered as a bug also.
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