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Create list with undefined size inside SCTL in Labview FPGA



im using a FlexRio card with the NI1483 module. The 1483 module caputeres images from a camera.

With each clock cycle im getting 10Pixels from my camera. A Pixel can have grayvalues from 0-255.


Now im trying to produce a histogramm of my image with a step for each grayvalue.

The Problem is that i have 10 Pixels each clockcycle and i dont know if two or even all ten pixels have the same gray value.

So i cant use memory and simply set the grayvalue as adress in the memory.


A solution i could think of is 10 memorys one for each pixel, which i sum up at the end of a image.


But is there no easier solution in which i can write multiple times to an memory, array or fifo?




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