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Counter/Timer Pulse Train generation

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I am having some trouble understanding why a particular VI I have isnt working(upper part of image below), I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of the cause from the error message.  I have a counter/timer which I am using to generate a pulse train.  It works fine on 'Continuous samples'  but when I switch it to 'finite samples' I get a 'resource is reserved' error when it gets to the DAQmx 'Play' VI


I made a separate VI (lower part of image) and it works just fine with finite samples.  So  I am basically wondering what is different about finite versus continous sampling which could cause a resource to be reserved or not. (the board is a PXI 6281 if that matters)










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Ok,  I just looked through the manual and it seems that when you do a finite pulse train generation on one counter, the board actually needs to hijack the OTHER counter


This may have been aparent earlier if the error message regarding what resource it was trying to get was more verbose.


In any case, problem solved i guess.

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You're correct on what the problem is. 


For what it's worth, the newer X Series boards (63xx) and 2nd Generation Compact DAQ Chassis don't require the use of two counters for finite pulse generation (although technically there is a paired internal counter to accomplish the finite pulse generation, it's not really evident to the user). These products also have 4 counters available instead of 2. 



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John Passiak
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