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Copying a string control multiple times on the front panel

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I am using a tab indicator, and on each tab I want to have two string controls that are for user input. The string controls will be the same inputs on every tab. I am hoping that there is a way that you can display the control multiple times and have them synced together, so that the block diagram would only have one control. I would prefer to not just place the string controls outside of the tab control, as screen space is at a premium, and don't want to lose a portion of the screen because I had to reduce the size of the tab control.


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Don't place the control in the tab. Simply place it on top of the tab control. It will hover over the tab control and be visible on all tabs because it is not actually in the tab control.


Place it outside of the tab initially and then use the alignment to position over the tab by aligning the centers of the control and the tab control. Once there you can reposition it to the location you want it to appear on all of the tabs.

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