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Converting a spreadsheet into a LVM File

Hi I'm using a philtec displacement sensor, and aquiring data with labview. The displacement is captured via a voltage, and then the sensor has a voltage/displacement curve. I'm trying to use the scaling/mapping feature to convert the voltage into a displacement, but it needs to have an lvm file. I have the spreadsheet with just two columns, the first is voltage the second is microns of displacement.

I'm pretty new to labview, and I've tried to hack through the file I/O stuff, but I can't seem to write an lvm file, I'm sure this is easy, can anyone help???

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Hi Omar

I think you need to write out your data using the "Write LabVIEW Measurement File" Express VI.
It's at the bottom of the File I/O palette.

Hope that helps
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How do I tell the write LVM file VI to read input from a spreadsheet though? Isn't that ususally used during data aquisition to create an LVM file of what you are measuring? I don't really have a signal to input into that VI.

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If your spreadsheet data is two columns and you save it as tab delimited text then you can read it in and write it out to an LVM file - see attached VI - written using LabVIEW 7.0.
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Hi Neil:

Thanks So Much!!! This works perfectly!! I've spent so much time trying to do this, I hate trying to learn new software :)!!

Thanks Again!

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