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Connecting to an http web server using API key.

Hello & Good afternoon everyone.

Can someone please explain me how to connect to a http web server using an API key and how to get the data from the web server. Which function pallet i can use for this purpose. Please help me.

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An API key might be a property you define in the HTTP header.


Your question lacks a lot of details that are probably important since you don't state what kind of server you are connecting to and if it requires any special protocol.


One project I have that requires an API key and uses a RESTful protocol, I use the HTTP REST client from JKI Tools.


But in general you should be looking under the Data Communication >> Protocols >> HTTP Client palette.

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Hi everybody, I'm trying to request data from a web server, the data is about pressure and flow. Now, the web site allows me to get the information trough an API connection (API and API secret can be generated) but I have no idea how to configure the connection. Any suggestion?

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