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Connecting a 35670A to labview signalexpress

Hello all,


I am rather new to using signal express,


First problem I have is I will be using the LE version of signal express, will this program be sufficient to run a VI for the 35670A,


Also it says you get a 30day trial which I have not for some reason, but do get 10 minute window,

Im going to try and sort out why the 30 day trial has not activated properly,


But what I want to know is how to setup the VI and get signal exspress to see the 35670A, I am using agilents I/O libraries and a agilent GPIB to USB cable. 

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Hi RGAK, Welcome to the NI Discussion Forums!


SignalExpress does not run VIs, for this you'll need LabVIEW. If you didn't mean VI specifically, could you share a screenshot of what you have so far?


Ben Clark
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