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Connecting Thorlabs Power Meter to LabVIEW - Need Help

Hello, I must interface the Thorlabs power meter via LabVIEW to collect data. I am very new to LabVIEW, lack experience with it, and would appreciate any help.🙏 Please tell me the basic steps. I've already installed the power meter driver.

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Please use the LabVIEW learning resources at the top of the LabVIEW board.



Learn how to communicate using VISA -



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Thorlabs supplies example code with their LabVIEW driver software.  I think it may be installed when you install their optical power monitor software (not sure).  Check the folders where the optical power monitor is installed in program files (x86) to see if the LabVIEW driver code is there.  If it is move or copy its folder to your LabVIEW instr.lib folder.  It should then appear in your functions palette under Instrument I/O, Instrument Drivers, TLPM.  The examples do not appear in the palette, but can be found by using Windows explorer to browse to the TLPM.llb file and opening it in LabVIEW.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response.

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Thank you.

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