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Communicate with Keyence DL-EN1 over TCP

Hi All,


I am attempting to communicate with a Keyence IX-15 sensor through their DL-EN1 TCP/IP communication unit. when using Keyence's AutoID terminal software i can send the string commands and receive the result. in lab view i Attempted to replicate this with TCP read and write functions but am getting no values back when i run the TCP read function

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Any update on this?



Malvika Badri

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If you have a specific problem I would suggest starting a new post.


I suspect the reason the OP never got any responses to their post is because they didn't post their code which was causing problems (Actual VI's rather than screenshots, and if there are a lot of dependencies put everything in a zip file and attach everything)


Also, with networking questions it is also worth putting some description of your setup, e.g. a laptop with connected directly to the device with an ethernet cable.

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