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Command Line Executable

How would I create the following programs;
Operator input executable that allows the operator to input two numbers.
ADD executable that accepts two command line arguments and returns the results.
From the operator input executable the operator enters two numbers and presses the start button, the program then calls the Add program executable using the command line and passing the two numbers to the program and waits for a response from the Add program and displays the results.  
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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking for. Do you really need to call external exe files that perform a certain function or will regular LabVIEW VIs be okay? Do you need the list of external files to be dynamic or is this a fixed set of functions you need to implement? For something dynamic, you can look at the shipping example called 'Plug In Example.VI'. If it's a fixed set of functions, you just need some sort of ring control on the front oanle wired to a case statement.

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For the first part of my question; How would I write a Labview executable call it "ADD.exe" that I can pass at least two parameters from the command line. Example command line to execute the ADD program, the two parameters are 1 & 2; C:\ADD.EXE -- 1,2
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Look at the shipping example called ''. Returning values from an exe can be a real pain. It's much simpler to use the app builder to create a dll and it's even simpler to just use a regular VI. You still haven't answered my question as to why you want to use an external exe.
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