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Closing a window in labview

I am only considering the Windows 9x platforms in the below. I am also
assuming that the under VI setup the options for "open front panel when
called" and "close afterward" are selecting for the following sub-vi.

Does anyone know the details of how Labview inteprets a user closing a
window? I can think of two scenarios off hand.

The first is a sub-vi that pops up as a window to display certain
information via indicators. This sub-vi is set to act as a non-modal
window so that the data flow continues on the diagram while this sub-vi
is displaying its information. I could see that one could have a button
on the sub-vi's panel to send a false to end its loop and thus close the
window, or the user may click the X in the upper
right of window to
close the sub-vi. Does this pass any data "behind the scenes" to the
diagram? I could imagine that the sub-vi was called via VI-server so
that it is not immediately recalled during the next loop of the main VI
in the instance that the sub-vi is wired in line. Does anyone know of
any nuance here?

The second is a sub-vi that pops up as a dialog and halts the flow of
data on the diagram. I could imagine that this dialog takes some input
(i.e. button click) to close this dialog from Labview logic and with the
control button press ending a loop. But what if a user just merely
clicks the X in the upper right of the window? It appears that the
Window closes and allows Labview to continue data flow in the diagram.


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