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Changing fpga target

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Hello LabVIEW FPGA folk,


I have a project on FPGA target X, and I ran out of resources.

I want to recompile it on Target Y to check if I'll be better off.


I've seen this article

Which explains the steps needed to port from target to target.


But in my case I have Multiple FIFO's and registers declared ... I really would not want to go though the process of re-declaring them again, not manually this could be error prone.

Please see screenshot for clarification on what I mean.

So are there any tips any of you FPGA gurus can give me to help me out?


Is there a way I could copy out a section of the LV Proj XML or somethig so that I don't have to re-declare everything by hand like a robot?




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Sooo Kudos goes to a collegue of mine.


What you can do is select all the items ( FIFO's and Registers ) that you want to copy.

Go to the LV menu Edit->Copy.

and then go to LV menu in the new project, select the place you want to paste at and then Edit->Paste.




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