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Change cursor name according to plots


I want to display different plots on one and only graph and make the cursor move on the plot and display simultanously its name in that format ( Order n, X axis Y axis ) , You will find attached the Snippet of the VI of how I tried to do this, I will try to explain the issue I encountred, in fact, I have different plots outputed from almost 6 Cases of condition structure, I used property node "tracé nom" in each case to get the right plots name (order 1,2,...) and I feed these names to "concatenate strings" to get the correspondant cursor name, but that doesn't work, I get nothing above the cursor
Please how can I do to get the cursor name changing whenerver I move from one plot to another?
thank you in advance for your help.

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I can't run your vi (global vars), but here the solution



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I Thank you very much for your solution , but may be I didn't explain very well my problem, in fact i succeed to get the cursor name in the format
that I specified but the problem is that I don't get the correct name , which corresponds exactly to the plot where the cursor is located. (i used property node i each case and get one output wired to "concatenate strings").
I don't know how to manage this as I have a lot a cases of condition structures and according to each case , there are their corresponding names ( the arrays : orders, orders of range 1, orders of range 2, selected orders).
Please any idea how to solve this ?

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First, use the "active cursor" property instead of the entire array of cursors, it will be easier to work.



Secondly, I do not understand the task.
I can not start your program, because there are no global variables.
Do not you get the first correct line for concatenation?
Write an example, what you need to get and what you get in this array


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