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Change cluster in exe



I created a simple .exe that has a cluster as the input.  However, in the .exe, I am not longer able to modify the input cluster.  Say for example that I wanted to to change "Test_Sample" to "Prototype", or even change the number of inputs in the VCO block, how do I go about making the cluster "changable" in the exe?




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The things you are trying to change are properties of the ListBox that you created, and, as such, are "locked" in the Executable.  Having said that, the Column Header ("VCO") is a ListBox Property, so you could write code that changes this, but I'm not sure how you would make such code "play nice" with a simple Front Panel design.  The Number of Rows is also a Property, so, in principle, you could modify this at Run Time (though without trying it, I wouldn't guarantee it would work in an Executable) ...


Bob Schor

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