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Cannot set a reference programmatically if the datatype is included in the reference

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong, or even if it's possible, in my code please?


I've written a sub-VI ( that creates references to the controls that I wish to be referenced that are in my top level VI (


The references are stored in a cluster, that is a typedef (References.ctl).


Now, if I include the datatype for a control in my references typedef, I get "Error 91: Property Node (arg 1) in>
<APPEND>Property Name: <b>Value</b>"


If I don't include the datatype, it works fine.


I'd like to include the datatype: is this possible?


I've left the tab control with the datatype included in References.ctl so the code is in the 'broken' state.




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Hello Andy


The error is related to control refnum class mismatch. By unchecking the Include Datatype option, will set the newly added reference to more generic class. The code isn't in the broken state even if the datatype is not included(Tab).



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Hi Rahul


I think I forgot to include an updated VI: the loop stops and presents the error. I was working on it whilst typing and forgot to save the VI before uploading.


No reference is set for the tab with the included datatype. If you probe on the wire going to References in you can see that no reference is set for the tab control.



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Hi Rahul,


Are you saying it's not possible to set the reference with the datatype included?


I've tried setting it to a more specific class, but it won't work either. 



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