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Can't run Thorelabs LabVIEW Spectrometer drivers CCS200/m

Hi all!

I'm trying to link my CCS200/m to LabVIEW. I'm running a 32-bit version on a 64-bit PC and followed the instructions for this (I believe). My first problem was that the .llb file (FTSLib.dll) was not properly linked with no path to it (just "FTSLib.dll" and not "C:/...../FTSLib.dll") when the different .vi asked for it (I mention this because it might be related, not sure). With that fixed, I now get the error in the first image when trying to run "". With these, apparently the error is in initializing, so when running "" I get what the second image displays. Also, my spectrometer is connected and working properly with Thorelabs SW (USB connection).

Being new to both LabVIEW and Thorelabs I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this further.

I'd appreciate any coments :)!

Thank you all!


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