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Can someone help me create a vi to read and write to an EEPROM using HSDIO?

I'm trying to create an EEPROM scanner/programmer using a PXI-6541.  I have some EEPROMs with 24 address lines and 16 data lines.  I want to scan addresses 0000h to 8000h and log the data in a file so I can program other EEPROMs with the same data.  Can someone help me get started with this, please?

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Sounds like a fun project but EEPROM programmers are pretty cheap.


Have you already tried to put the program together? Have you interfaced to the device? What is the part number for the EEPROM? Have you studied the datasheet? And do you have a good idea of what is needed in order to read and write the devices and just need LabVIEW help?

LabVIEW 2012

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This is actually an array of EEPROMs that I'm trying to read/write.  Nothing that can be done with an off-the-shelf solution.  The hardware interface is in-process.  I just need LV help.  I just need the vi to:  address 0000, log 16-bit data, address 0001, log data, address 0002, log data, etc...  I'm pretty good at modifying examples to fit my needs.  I just couldn't find a good example of this. 

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Hey jallen_100,


It sounds like you are trying to do something similar to this Memory Test Reference Design. Check out the code linked at the bottom of the document, and try using part of the code that fits your need, and modify the rest that you don't need, or that won't work with your device. Also, are you going to be using more than the 32 channels of the one board, or will you require 2 devices? If so, then you should check out the Tclk examples, but if not then the above should be enough to get you started. Hope this helps get you started, or at least an idea of what you might be able to do.




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Hi. I hate to bring up an old topic but that link is dead. Is there another link to it?

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I haven't been able to find another link for this, but it could be helpful to create another post under the High Speed Digitizers forum and maybe someone there might know another link, or something else helpful.

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