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Can i fire Shared Variables' "Bad Status" alarm artificially?

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And what shall I do to experience 'Bad Status' alarm. SVE is running on Windows platform PC.

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Is it a stupid question? Robot MadJust tell me YES or NOT!

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I don't think it's a stupid question.  But you will have to be patient.  I don't think there are very many people who know the answer to that, or would have ever thought they would need to know the answer to that.


How of curiosity, what is your reason that you want to fire this "Bad Status" programmatically?

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One shared variable one heat level sensor(DS18B20).
I want use it's "Bad Status Alarm" to alarm person on duty -
the corresponding DS18B20 sensor was failure!


But what shall I do to experience 'Bad Status' alarm first?

Don't know why, don't know the solution. Is that right?


Why there is no example project about "Bad Status Alarm"?


NI call this "answer"?

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There is an alternative way:


Use one U32 bitfield shared variable to describe most 32 DS18B20 sensors' status. Delete corresponding shared variable on SVE when DS18B20 was failure,  recreate after deploying a good sensor...

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Accepted by topic author jlu97005082
The answer is positive. I have found the way by myself. I can alarm them on duty the sensor is failed through firing 'Bad Status Alarm'.
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How did you do that , I encounter the same question.

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Binging with itself at that time. But with recent DSC editions, just binding a bad url.

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That's a good idea.But I'm using a Modbus I/O Server of the DSC module. Your solution may not suit me.Thanks all the same.

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My url binded to Modbus i/o server is solid and unchanged .

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