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Can driver for SR830 and SR844 be used interchangeably?

I am using labview 7.0. I need to implement the driver for SR844 which has a serial port instead of GPIB. I want to use the DATA STORAGE EXAMPLE in the driver for SR830 ( I checked the commands sent into the program and they are similar. Can I use this program on SR844 directly?




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Hi Angelia,

Have you managed to test the instrument driver for SR844 with the serial port? While the driver is written for GPIB, the underlying driver is using NI-VISA driver which should allow you to send messages to instrument despite difference interface between GPIB and Serial.


In regards to using example written for SR830 to send to SR844, the example may work as long as the commands in SR830 is available under SR844.


Hope that this helps.



- Meadow -
LabVIEW 7.0 - 2011, Vision, RT, FPGA
TestStand 3.0 - 4.5
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Hi angelia,


I was wondering if the sr830 drivers worked for your sr844? I am in the same predicament.

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I have programmed for the SR830, SR844, and SR850; however, I have always used a GPIB interface. The commands between the instruments are 80-90% exactly the same; however, the 10-20% differences are significant. The website has the manuals with all of the commands. A few things about using a serial connection, even though I did not use it: 1.) In the beginning of the program you have to specify which interface you will use, I believe it is the OUTX command. 2.) Some commands will not work over the serial port. For example you will have to transfer data using ascii values, rather than transfer values in binary format. The manuals are pretty well written, you should look at their site. Cheers, Andrew
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Hi mcduff,


I will also be using the GPIB interface to control the device using labview. Do you have any VI's for it that you could share with me? Or if you have any tips that may prove valuable when trying to code for this device it would be greatly appreciated. Any LabVIEW VIs that you may have for it would give me a great place to start.


Thank you,



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Attached  are the Vis necessary for controlling the SR830, SR844, and SR850; the program detects which one is connected. Be sure you set the GPIB address correctly. The LabVIEW version is 8.2. If you convert to a higher version some of the indicators/controls turn black for some reason. Use the "paintbrush" tool to change them back into white.


These are pretty old files and could use some updating, I just have not gotten around to it.


If you do use these VIs I ask that you let me know if you find any bugs with them.





PS I have never uploaded any files to; please let me know if they did not upload correctly.

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Thank you Mcduff! I really appreciate it! I will let you know of any problems I encounter.

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I do not know whether you are using the VIs I sent earlier, but I have had a chance to rewrite them in LabVIEW 2011.


Although, I am not much of a LabVIEW programmer, the new version is much better written than before. It should use less resources and the UI should be a little more "snappy." Also it should be easier to debug and add features.


It can be downconverted to earlier versions, but the UI looks strange when doing so; probably because I used the new silver controls. Also some features specific to version 2011 will need to be changed manually.




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Thank you for sharing your work. Is there any chance that you would upload your last version of the program for Labview 2010?

Thank you.




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Attached is a 2010 version. It should work, but ... , it will look rather ugly. All of the button, indicators got converted into a weird amalgam of shapes and indicators. If you are going to use it alot, I suggest changing some of the buttons so it does not hurt your eyes.


Good Luck.




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