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Can a VI compiled in dll be called in LV?



I have some dll´s, which use some common VIs. This means, each time when I compile a dll, the VI will be compiled within the dll. What habbens, if I compile the same VI in another dll, and call the dlls in the same time. Will be there a collision, that the VI is already loaded , by calling the second dll?




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Maybe I did not understand the question correctly...


If you have a vi that is compiled into a dll and then from another vi (main) you call both the original VI and the dll, it should not collide as you would be calling different objects.


Have you tried it and having problems?

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You have understood my question correct.


I have experienced it with LV7.1. I have compiled a VI in my dll, and when I wanted to use the same VI in LV, I have got a warning, that the VI was loaded from the dll. Normally this should not happen, or?

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Can you provide details about the warning?

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