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Can I use shared libraries such as lvanlys.dll for matrix inversion on a sbRIO device?

I tried FTP transfer the dll file to the RIO device. the RT can run without error. But the library does not appear to be called.

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Since the sbRIO RT controller is running VxWorks, you can only call .out files through the Call Library Function Node. Here are a few good resources pertaining to your question that you may find helpful:


-What Operating System is my Real-Time Controller Running and Why?
-The Definitive Guide: Programming NI VxWorks Real-Time Controllers in C/C++
-Can LabVIEW Real-Time Interface With External Code?
-Calling External Code on VxWorks Targets
-How do I Create a Stub DLL?

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Thank you for your reply. I do find the .out file in the ~/ni-rt/system/ folder. However, when I try to call it using the call library function node, call lvanlys.out for example, I still get the "Failed to load shared library lvanlys.*:CxInvMatrixLUDri_head:C. Ensure that the library is present on the RT target..." error message. Any idea why this is happening?


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Are you able to call any .out files on the RT controller? Or is it just the lvanlys.out file that is giving us trouble?

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I worked through the examples online and I can call the fib.out library that I create and transfer to the ni-rt/system folder. However, I cannot call the .out files that is originally in that folder, such as the lvanlys.out.

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