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Can I display an indicator or control on multiple pages of a tab control?

I would like to use the new Tab Control much like a menu, calling sub vi's. Is it possible to use only one set of indicators and controls. While the Tab selection would determine the data manipulation and indicator demensions.
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If you place an indicator or a control on a page of a tab control it is not possible to show it also on others pages.You can do that by making a copy of your control on another page and syncronize their values using local variables.
But if you need to build up a menu in your vi I'd suggest using the menu editor and functions.
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Yes this is possible.
Place a control or indicator next to the tab control and move it with the arrow keys on top of the tab control. It wil not be placed in the tab control but will float on top of it. You see the difference by a shadow on the left and bottomside of the control. This shadow disappears when running the vi.

BUT...... don't do it for what you want.
Why use a tabcontrol if it can be done by an enumerated type also !
greetings from the Netherlands
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I had the same problem.

I opted for moving the indicators on top of the tab control not within it, as was suggested above.
The only thing I would warn about is losing items underneath the indicators you have placed on top.

Works like a charm.
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Hi caius,

this is a 7 year old thread - it's not really useful to post here again...

What do you mean by "losing items"? Do you mean they are hidden by the on-top indicator? It's up to you to avoid overlapping controls/indicators (which may hurt performance too!), if using tabs or not...
Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Ah yes, I should have noticed the date thread.

Yes, "losing items" refers to not being able to see underneath the indicators/controls that have been placed on top of the tab control.
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